Healing is magic

Healing is Magic

This is an Instagram post I wrote spontaneously while I was lying in bed. As I want to remind myself of these important words I also publish it as a blog post, so I can refer back to them. I hope they will help you as well!

Words from a chronically ill witch: Here I am – battling with a severe bladder infection for the last three days instead of doing witchy stuff and creating a new witchy journal which I had the idea for a few days ago.

I have various autoimmune issues like Celiac Disease and Hashimoto and when any illness is coming on top of it I end up in bed, not being able to do anything more than watch Netflix or YouTube or just sleep. I had wanted to charge my crystals and make moon water. I had wanted to collect cones with my kid for the Winter solstice. I wanted to play with a new Tarot deck I bought last week. I had wanted to clean the hutch of our quails – and I am thankful my hubby did that while I was at the emergency doctor‘s office to get antibiotics after my herbal things didn’t bring enough healing.

I have lived with having not enough spoons (and if you don’t know what I mean by spoons google „Spoon theory“). So instead of battling with the „But I want to do this and that“, I am simply resting and healing, watching a film with my kid and enjoy more herbal tea.

Does missing my full moon rituals make me a lesser witch? Certainly not. When I was awake in pain last night I greeted the full moon, that was all I could do. I am mindful of the moon phases, and for me mindfulness is a huge part of my personal magickal path. Because no matter how ill I feel I can still greet the moon!

So if you are a „spoon witch“ and feel like you are not doing enough magic or are not enough of a witch – stop. Healing and resting can be as magickal as you want it to be. Don’t put extra stress on you. When you are well enough, you can do all the witchy things. And if you just can stay in bed – have a good rest. Because your health is more important than anything.

With love
Wyn Amaris

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