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How to Create a Magical Morning Routine

Ever since the book “The Miracle Morning” (affiliate link) by Hal Elrod morning routines have been on our to do list for many of us. I have to admit I don’t manage to get up at 5 am or even earlier like I was able to only 5 years ago – but hey, I have got a kid who is in his teens now and is not in bed till at least 9 pm! But I still developed my own short witchy morning routine, which helps me to start my day with a magical touch. Here are some of the things I use, plus some other ideas!

Keep a Dream Journal

Before you do anything else in the morning, write down your dreams in a journal dedicated to this. Record any details you remember about your dreams from the night before.  Details from your dreams will start fading within a few minutes after waking, so if you can, turn your light on and write in it as soon as you get up and out of bed.  

If you tend to wake up often during the night, each time with a different dream, you might want to keep it at your bedside table with a little book light that can be turned on to write in the middle of the night when you wake up. This way, you avoid the bright light of your ceiling light, but you are still able to write down your dreams. 

Start Your Day With Meditation

After you have written in your dream journal, you could do a short meditation session. At this point, if your mind is still a little anxious about the dreams you had, it might also be a good idea to grab another journal to do some brain dumping. This allows you to get all those thoughts and feelings out of your brain, so you can clear your mind better during meditation.  

Meditation in the morning is ideal as you are in a more relaxed state, because you have fewer thoughts about what has gone on during the day, like if you mediated in the evening.

Set a Positive Attitude

This is something I learned from the book “Tiny Habbits” (affiliate link) by BJ Fogg: He recommends the Maui Habbit, where you say out loud: “It is going to be a great day” when you put your feet on the floor. On difficult days, I add “somehow”, so it is still believable to me. And since I started this, life seems to have become easier!

Journal in the Morning 

I love journaling in my book “My Magic Day” (affiliate link) in the morning. Here I write down my intentions and affirmation, I draw an oracle or Tarot card for the day as well as a gemstone and a symbol. You can see this here on one of my Instagram reels

Gratitude and Morning Pages

Another style of journaling you can add to your spiritual morning routine are gratitude or morning pages. Gratitude in the morning is often different from the evening. In the morning, it tends to be more about looking inside, being grateful for the start of a new day, for your positive energy, and focusing on your manifestations. Gratitude is also really powerful when it comes to your spiritual growth. I do my gratitude in the evening in “My Magical Day” as I love closing my day on a positive and thankful note, but this is really a personal choice.

Morning pages were invented by Julia Cameron in her wonderful book “The Artist’s Way” (affiliate link) . In this exercise she wants you to write three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing. Again, this is a very personal choice. I found I don’t have much to say (or even think) in the morning, so I keep this for a later time in the day. 

A Morning Tarot Spread

If you have enough time in the morning, you could give yourself 10-15 minutes to do a fast 3-card spread in the morning. The 3-card spread can be about your thoughts, feelings, and outlook in the morning, or you draw cards about your past, current, and future path. It can be about setting intentions, getting guidance, or just checking in with your current energies.

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Fairy Melted Chocolate – a Witchy Gift not only for Christmas

After my kid and I were sick with a mild flu over the last few weeks, we were looking for an easy DIY project to give to our friends and family for Christmas. We saw a few YouTube videos of this kind of chocolate and decided to recreate them with a witchy theme.

Melting the chocolate is pretty easy. You spread different kinds of chocolate (white, milk chocolate, dark chocolate) on a backing tray, preferable with parchment paper underneath it, and stick it in the oven for 10-20 minutes at 50° Celsius /120° Fahrenheit. The chocolate should be soft but not liquid.

When the chocolate is soft enough, you get it from the oven and put the tray on a heat proven surface. Then the fun part begins – my kid loves it! With a toothpick, you start swirling the chocolate. Don’t overdo it, because then you end up with just a brown mass. But you can try different swirls, circles and what not. While we made the patterns, we murmured our good intentions to the receiver of the chocolate.

For the next step, I bought cake decorations in various fairy colors: blue, pink and purple. We sprinkled them on the chocolate – again with a lot of good wishes. You could also go all natural with rose pedals, dried fruit and nuts, depending on the spell you want to use them for! We also added some chopped hazelnut for good luck. The marshmallows were just for fun I have to admit! 😉

We then let the chocolate cool down and broke them into smaller pieces, so we could wrap them in cellophane pouches. Everyone we gave them to was really happy and looked forward to eating them as soon as possible!

Yule Witchy Balls

After I saw so many lovely witchy balls on Instagram, I wanted to create my own version of them and so did some magical crafting. But what are witchy balls anyway? Witchy Balls are spherical objects that are often found in the homes of Wiccans and witches. These Witchy Balls contain sacred items that can be used for healing or spell work. The meaning behind them is dependent on the individual’s beliefs and interpretation.

Originally, witch balls were created in the 17th and 18th century in England and later in New England, when people believed that witches flew about on broomsticks at night trying to harm people and their property. The witch ball was meant to act as a barrier against witches entering one’s home. They came in various forms, some had pictures of saints while others had pictures of angels on them. Fishermen used them to be protected from evil spirits and harm at sea. Those original witch balls were made of beautiful colored glass and are still in use even today.

And today a new way of creating witch or witchy balls has emerged: It changed from a protection from witches to one for witches! The old belief that the spheres trap negative energy is still an important part and witches now use them in rituals, in spell work and even as Christmas/Yule decorations, which is what I did. 

I created five different witchy balls for my small bundle of fir branches in my witchy office. One for protection, one for healing, one for manifesting, one for self-love and one for clarity. I gathered all the materials and I filled them in a ritual. Every ingredient has a special meaning, either magickal or personal. And even though I will list the ingredients below, please keep in mind that this is by no means a complete list. You can add or leave out whatever you like! 

In each sphere I filled in a small fir branch, a clear crystal for enhancing my spell work and a bay leave with the intention of the sphere written on it either in gold or silver. Many witches seal their spheres with wax from a candle, but we don’t use candles in my household due to asthma. That is why I used cross stitch yarn to „seal“ them. I also added some beads and a charm to the yarn — again with a special meaning to me!

These are the balls and the ingredients:


Protection Witchy Ball
  • Bay Leave
  • Anise wards off the evil eye
  • Rosemary
  • Juniper
  • Tibetan Salt (any other salt is fine!)
  • Amethyst
  • Black yarn


Healing Witchy Ball
  • Lavender
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Chamomile
  • Amber
  • Sun flower seeds
  • Yellow yarn


Healing Witchy Ball
  • Cloves
  • Orange peels
  • Thyme 
  • Pyrite
  • Green yarn


Self Love Witchy Ball
  • A seashell 
  • Rose Quartz
  • Roses for developing self-love
  • Sugar cubes
  • Pink yarn


Clarity Witchy Ball
  • Cloves
  • Rosemary 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Sea Salt
  • Phrenite
  • Blue yarn

I hope I have inspired you to create your own magickal witchy balls!