Fairy Chocolate

Fairy Melted Chocolate – a Witchy Gift not only for Christmas

After my kid and I were sick with a mild flu over the last few weeks, we were looking for an easy DIY project to give to our friends and family for Christmas. We saw a few YouTube videos of this kind of chocolate and decided to recreate them with a witchy theme.

Melting the chocolate is pretty easy. You spread different kinds of chocolate (white, milk chocolate, dark chocolate) on a backing tray, preferable with parchment paper underneath it, and stick it in the oven for 10-20 minutes at 50° Celsius /120° Fahrenheit. The chocolate should be soft but not liquid.

When the chocolate is soft enough, you get it from the oven and put the tray on a heat proven surface. Then the fun part begins – my kid loves it! With a toothpick, you start swirling the chocolate. Don’t overdo it, because then you end up with just a brown mass. But you can try different swirls, circles and what not. While we made the patterns, we murmured our good intentions to the receiver of the chocolate.

For the next step, I bought cake decorations in various fairy colors: blue, pink and purple. We sprinkled them on the chocolate – again with a lot of good wishes. You could also go all natural with rose pedals, dried fruit and nuts, depending on the spell you want to use them for! We also added some chopped hazelnut for good luck. The marshmallows were just for fun I have to admit! 😉

We then let the chocolate cool down and broke them into smaller pieces, so we could wrap them in cellophane pouches. Everyone we gave them to was really happy and looked forward to eating them as soon as possible!

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