About Wyn Amaris

Wyn Amaris, nearly 50 years old, is a solitary word and art witch. She lives in the lovely Rhineland in Germany with her little family, 5 giant snails, 4 quails, and a land crab. Friends describe her as caring, funny and creative, her teenage son thinks she is embarrassing – which she can happily live with.

Creating books, journals, planners and printables is her passion, as she loves using them as well. She can also collect a lot of information quickly and make something new out of it. She loves making art, but can’t sew or knit even if her life depended on it.

Her way into magick was full of detours: her first Tarot cards came out of a girl’s magazine. In her twenties, she discovered gemstones and crystals, which she still collects. She was drawn to Druidism and Buddhism, but after the birth of her son, realized she was simply a witch. Her friends sighed of relief as they had told her that for ages!

As she is a „spoonie“ she has to be careful with her limited energy and health. She is on a medical induced gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose free diet, which doesn’t stop her from enjoying her food!

Wyn wanted to become a nutritional coach, but due to her illnesses she could not offer any services with set dates. When she was really down about this, she discovered how to publish books on Amazon. Ever since, she has published over 100 books with a witchy theme both in German and in English, including notebooks, Tarot books, Sigil journals, books about gemstones and crystals and many more. As she loves using journals and planners herself, she is really happy to provide other witches with useful printed goodies.

Of course, she collects all things stationary as well as crystals. She also plays the little Celtic harp and dreams of setting up a garden behind her house.