Everyday Magick

The Wonders of Everyday Magick

Last week I wrote on Instagram and here in our blog about how it is to be a chronically ill witch. Some of you have asked me how I live my magical life if I don’t have the energy to do even little rituals. The answer is simply: I use everyday magick. 

What is Everyday Magick?

Everyday Magick is the power of the ordinary. It is all around us, and it is in our power to strengthen it – by bringing more beauty, more kindness, more awareness and more mindfulness into the world. Even if it is „only“ our small world! Make every day count – through acts of kindness, connection with nature, creativity, and positive thinking. Magick is all around us, even in the mundane moments of everyday life. It just requires an intention or direction in your thoughts and in your actions to bring about change, and this can happen even in the smallest daily tasks. 

How to Practice Everyday Magick

  • In the morning, I choose one or two gemstones or crystals for the day, mainly as a bracelet or pendant. The stones I choose are either there to assist my intention for the day, like a clear crystal for strength, or to support me, like rose quartz for self love.
  • When I shower, I stand still underneath the shower head and simply am mindful of how the water washes away all my tension. 
  • I stir my coffee clockwise for blessings and put in my intention for the day.
  • If I think of it (sometimes with brain fog I simply forget) I light my electronic candles at my altars. I use electronic ones as I might forget them and could cause serious damage. And as I have asthma, the electronic ones are better for my ability to breathe. 
  • I talk to animals – both our pets, like the quails or our crab, as well as wild ones. I am especially good with cats!
  • If I am driving alone in my car, I listen to witchy podcasts like „Magic & Alchemy“ by Tamed Wild or lately „Hoodoo with Mama Mabo Dee“. 
  • About my car: I have a little Tibetan White Tara amulet (see here on Instagram) on the rear mirror which I always ask to look after us while driving. When I am done driving, I thank her and the car for getting us safely to our destination. 
  • When I am looking for a parking spot, I ask my little spirit helper to find us one. Two out of three times I find the perfect parking spot!
  • In the evening, I write three things I am grateful for in my gratitude journal. This helps me to put the day in a more positive light, no matter, how difficult it was to get through. 
  • When I go to bed I thank my spirits for keeping my family and me safe through the day. I also thank our house for being there for us. 

There are many more ways to incorporate magick into your daily life, these are the little things I do. I hope this gave you some ideas how you can live a magical life even when you can’t do complex rituals etc. 

Blessed be

Wyn Amaris

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