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No, thank you.

If you are reading this, it is most likely you sent an unsolicited private message on Instagram, offering me a reading. That is why I send you this link to explain to you, why I decline your offer. 

Let me tell you a few things.

First, “New Witchcraft Books” is a business account. So, if you are „drawn“ to us, that means we do a good in Social media marketing, and you should buy our books! Don’t get me wrong: we are not on Instagram solely for selling books. We love Instagram, as we can meet and connect with other witches and get to know them, learn from each other as well as share about our work and our lives. Instagram can be a lovely place if you let it! 

Second, you are by no means the first one and in no way original in stating that your ancestors/spirits/angels/orwhoknowswhat have a message for us or that you were drawn to us by our name. In fact, last week we had 12 private messages like that. It gets really annoyingly and even more boring!

Third, it is in no way professional or trustworthy to offer readings like this. And particularly Tarot readings for money can be problematic. If you haven’t followed the whole discussion about Tarot and the Romani heritage, I recommend reading this article.

If you want us to book a reading with you, show us the cards and wow us with your interpretations on your Instagram feed. Yes, this is work, but what do you expect? Instant richness?

Last, sending an unsolicited advertisement – because that’s exactly what it is – as the first thing you do after we followed you back is again not trustworthy and extremely irritating. Sometimes we may send you a link to this blog post or a link to our book for Tarot readers. Then we will unfollow and, most likely, even block you. And be grateful that we won’t have our ancestors have a word in this as they can be very direct and sometimes even rude! 

So no, thank you for your offer!

The Wonders of Everyday Magick

Last week I wrote on Instagram and here in our blog about how it is to be a chronically ill witch. Some of you have asked me how I live my magical life if I don’t have the energy to do even little rituals. The answer is simply: I use everyday magick. 

What is Everyday Magick?

Everyday Magick is the power of the ordinary. It is all around us, and it is in our power to strengthen it – by bringing more beauty, more kindness, more awareness and more mindfulness into the world. Even if it is „only“ our small world! Make every day count – through acts of kindness, connection with nature, creativity, and positive thinking. Magick is all around us, even in the mundane moments of everyday life. It just requires an intention or direction in your thoughts and in your actions to bring about change, and this can happen even in the smallest daily tasks. 

How to Practice Everyday Magick

  • In the morning, I choose one or two gemstones or crystals for the day, mainly as a bracelet or pendant. The stones I choose are either there to assist my intention for the day, like a clear crystal for strength, or to support me, like rose quartz for self love.
  • When I shower, I stand still underneath the shower head and simply am mindful of how the water washes away all my tension. 
  • I stir my coffee clockwise for blessings and put in my intention for the day.
  • If I think of it (sometimes with brain fog I simply forget) I light my electronic candles at my altars. I use electronic ones as I might forget them and could cause serious damage. And as I have asthma, the electronic ones are better for my ability to breathe. 
  • I talk to animals – both our pets, like the quails or our crab, as well as wild ones. I am especially good with cats!
  • If I am driving alone in my car, I listen to witchy podcasts like „Magic & Alchemy“ by Tamed Wild or lately „Hoodoo with Mama Mabo Dee“. 
  • About my car: I have a little Tibetan White Tara amulet (see here on Instagram) on the rear mirror which I always ask to look after us while driving. When I am done driving, I thank her and the car for getting us safely to our destination. 
  • When I am looking for a parking spot, I ask my little spirit helper to find us one. Two out of three times I find the perfect parking spot!
  • In the evening, I write three things I am grateful for in my gratitude journal. This helps me to put the day in a more positive light, no matter, how difficult it was to get through. 
  • When I go to bed I thank my spirits for keeping my family and me safe through the day. I also thank our house for being there for us. 

There are many more ways to incorporate magick into your daily life, these are the little things I do. I hope this gave you some ideas how you can live a magical life even when you can’t do complex rituals etc. 

Blessed be

Wyn Amaris

Healing is Magic

This is an Instagram post I wrote spontaneously while I was lying in bed. As I want to remind myself of these important words I also publish it as a blog post, so I can refer back to them. I hope they will help you as well!

Words from a chronically ill witch: Here I am – battling with a severe bladder infection for the last three days instead of doing witchy stuff and creating a new witchy journal which I had the idea for a few days ago.

I have various autoimmune issues like Celiac Disease and Hashimoto and when any illness is coming on top of it I end up in bed, not being able to do anything more than watch Netflix or YouTube or just sleep. I had wanted to charge my crystals and make moon water. I had wanted to collect cones with my kid for the Winter solstice. I wanted to play with a new Tarot deck I bought last week. I had wanted to clean the hutch of our quails – and I am thankful my hubby did that while I was at the emergency doctor‘s office to get antibiotics after my herbal things didn’t bring enough healing.

I have lived with having not enough spoons (and if you don’t know what I mean by spoons google „Spoon theory“). So instead of battling with the „But I want to do this and that“, I am simply resting and healing, watching a film with my kid and enjoy more herbal tea.

Does missing my full moon rituals make me a lesser witch? Certainly not. When I was awake in pain last night I greeted the full moon, that was all I could do. I am mindful of the moon phases, and for me mindfulness is a huge part of my personal magickal path. Because no matter how ill I feel I can still greet the moon!

So if you are a „spoon witch“ and feel like you are not doing enough magic or are not enough of a witch – stop. Healing and resting can be as magickal as you want it to be. Don’t put extra stress on you. When you are well enough, you can do all the witchy things. And if you just can stay in bed – have a good rest. Because your health is more important than anything.

With love
Wyn Amaris