About This Page

This page has seen a lot of changes over the years. Here is a timeline of what has happened!


2009: The website was originally started by Sarra Black, founder of the Rain Wolf Coven and owner of TheWitchStore.com. We agree with her 2009 description of magic:

“Magic is not a hocus pocus way of bending the laws of nature to suit your needs. The magic of the witchcraft is to raise and channel energy that is within you to bring it in harmony with the nature to achieve the desired result.”

2015: The site redirected to WordPress.org, with an “An’ it harm none” statement. We’re not sure of the ownership at that time.

2016: The site was under new ownership but not developed.

2019: Ownership of that site and NewWitchcraftBooks.com transferred to Francesca Bellini-Stevens, aka F. B. Stevens, author of witchcraft books for beginners, including 5-Minute Magic. Review team members were Aine Collins, Lyra Faeborn, Marc Quinn, and Celeste Romero-Wright. Management was by New Forest Books‘ team of Joe and Mary Fabella.

2021: This website was acquired by Bryony Dewitt. Her team include Phoebe Bexley, Alice Cromwell, Jemima Stuart-Lane, and Sally & Sophie Wright. 

October 2021: Wyn Amaris has been gifted with this domain. She had already published several journals and notebooks for witches and was actually looking for something where to gather all her books and her knowledge. Since then she has been building this website and continues to blog about witchcraft.

Some content from previous owners remains on this site, with permission.