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How to Protect Yourself From Negative Energies! 

Last week I wrote about how to be a witch in times of crisis. What I didn’t wrote about is, how to protect yourself from negative energies – not only now but in general! If you follow the law of attraction – something I am getting more and more immersed in – then you know it is absolutely important to keep your energy positive. Because like attracts like and the more negative you become yourself, the more negative things you will attract. Of course that doesn’t mean to run around smiling and ignoring what is going on in the world. But still, you can try to keep the impact on you as small as possible.  Here are some ideas on how to protect yourself from negative energies!

Set Healthy Boundaries

You need to set clear boundaries in order to protect yourself from any negative energies around you. This might be actually telling people in your life about your boundaries, physically setting a boundary between you and toxic people, or just mentally and spiritually putting your guard up.  

One way to set boundaries is to have mental red flags that act as warnings for you to avoid certain people or situations. You might have noticed that your energy is deeply affected, when you are in a room of people gossiping or sharing drama about someone. In that case, you should exit the situation as quickly as possible. This way, you have set this boundary for yourself.  

Sometimes, people in your life have negative influences on your energy, especially if you are an empath, and you will need to have very clear boundaries for those people. 

Mindfulness can help!

You can also protect yourself from negative energy around you by being more mindful.  

Mindfulness allows you to stay in the present. You can check what you are thinking and feeling, instead of looking outward. When you focus on yourself during any moment, you are charged by your own energy and not the surrounding energy.  

This way, you renew your own positive energy, and avoid the possibly toxic energy that might be circling around you.  

Protect Yourself with Crystals

There are many crystals that you can use for protection spells and to keep negative energy away from you. Black tourmaline, pyrite, obsidian, and clear quartz are fantastic crystals for this purpose! You should charge the crystal you intend to use for protection with your clear intention in mind. When you know you are going to be in a place with difficult energies, bring this crystal with you and keep the intention of protection in mind as you use it.

Identify and Avoid Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are people who tend to drain you of all your positive energy. Of course, they don’t do it on purpose! Some of them do this completely subconsciously, where they just have habits that create negative energy in your presence, or they like to ask too much of you and suck up all your energy. Other people are more malicious and have negative thoughts like jealousy, bitterness, resentment, or envy that can also severely drain your good energy.  

If you feel absolutely exhausted mentally and physically whenever you are around a particular person, then you know they are energy vampires and should probably be avoided in the future.

Please stay sane and healthy in these difficult times.
Blessed be!

Being a Witch in Times of Crisis 

These last two years have taken their toll on all of us without doubt. And just when we thought we might see a glimmer of hope of the pandemic ending, a major war broke out. As I live in Germany, the war is, of course, much nearer to me – the capital Kyiv is „only“ about 1900 km/1180 miles away. I have family living in Poland and even though they are not in immediate danger, they will be affected by this futile bloodshed due to one lunatic autocrat. Since last week I have been in a whirlwind of emotions due to this war – from fear, to anger to deep sadness – and I am sure you feel the same. So how do we cope with all this, especially as witches?

Practicing Witchcraft

As a witch, you can do a lot to be of help in this crisis by using your witchcraft. I have seen people lighting and anointing candles, meeting up to pray and spell worldwide on the internet and generally sending good vibes out to the world. One of the dangers at the moment is that people fall into the trap of anxiety, which can spread like a virus itself. And if enough people are scared of something, it will eventually happen – anyone with even a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction will agree to this. Of course, we have every right to be anxious, but we shouldn’t let it overwhelm us. And this is where our magick can and will help us. Let your light and your positive energy shine and help others to do the same!

Practical Help

Here in Germany, there is a huge wave of help offers to the Ukrainians. I made the mistake of looking into a help group on Facebook, where transportation from the Polish border to Berlin is being organized and people are offering their cars and their homes. After ten minutes, I was in tears simply because of the generosity of so many people. I got an email from a musician friend of mine who works in a church where he wrote about what was needed in Poland for a refugee camp mainly aimed at children. I had decluttered so many of these things in the last two months and had them already in boxes to bring them to charity. So I repacked them, added some of our (non-witchy) coloring books, pens etc. Tomorrow I will go to the German equivalent of the Dollar store and will buy other things that are still needed and, in the afternoon, bring the boxes to the drop-off point along with good wishes and maybe a sigil or two for the safety of the children who will play with the toys.

If you can’t help with things, you can still help with money.

If you want your help directed at children I recommend the SOS Children’s Villages, on their main page they have a link for donating for children and families in Ukraine:

The International Committee of the Red Cross is a safe way to donate and to know the money reaches those who require the help:

The same is valid for the Ukrainian Red Cross:

Another is The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). From this page you can also go to your local donation website:

It’s okay to do nothing

If all I wrote above is too much, and you are simply overwhelmed by all the news, horrible pictures and videos, please know: it is okay to do nothing. Switch off the news, Facebook, etc. and look after yourself. Take a bath, paint your emotions or write down all your feelings in your journal. As I wrote above, we are not of use if we deplete ourselves completely and fall down a negative spiral. Wherever and however you find reassurance (of course as long it is a healthy way), do that!  

I hope, no matter what, that you stay healthy and as happy as possible.

Blessed be!

How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

The spiritual entities that help guide you through life are known as spirit guides. Some guides you were born with. Those usually stay with you your whole life. Other spirit guides might decide to join you on your life path at some point and then maybe leave after you have learned a certain lesson. There are many types of guides around, including angels, spirits, and even ancestors of yours that have passed.  

Spirit guides are always there to help and guide you. They do this by sending signs and interventions when you need them. But you can also try to connect directly with your guides to ask for their guidance and a little extra help if you feel you require it. Here are some ways to connect with your spirit guides.

Signs of Your Spirit Guides Presence

The first step in connecting with your spirit guide is to look for signs that they are present as well as signs they are sending you. Spirit guides don’t use spoken words, and you will rarely, if ever, actually see one. Most of the time, you only know they are there because of the different signals they send you. Of course, there are many signs, and they can be highly individual. But here is a list of the most common signals sent from spirit guides:

  • You suddenly feel tingles, a chill, or a wave of heat coming over you.
  • The air changes, including gusts of wind directed at you.  
  • You notice number synchronicities, like 11:11 or 555.
  • You suddenly feel euphoric, calm, and relaxed for no other reason.
  • A symbol keeps appearing to you, like seeing rainbows, butterflies, or spiders everywhere you turn.  
  • You continue seeing the same color everywhere, without looking for it.  
  • You randomly have a thought or idea that comes into your head.

Start Meditating

Meditating is the first thing you can do to connect with your spirit guides. If you want to trust your intuition, you need to clear your mind and meditate. Meditation allows you to tap into the spiritual part of yourself, while blocking out all the noise and distractions of everyday life. It also helps you to open and see with your third eye. Both help immensely in order to communicate with your spirit guides.

Become More Mindful

After connecting with your spirit guides, you need to look for signs that they are answering you. These signs are meant for you, but if you are not mindful, you aren’t going to see them.  If you are too distracted by everything around you, and you don’t or can’t pay attention, you will probably miss them! 

Start practicing mindfulness during different moments of the day when you are used to just going through the motions. This might be while walking your dog, taking a shower, eating a meal, or driving to work. These moments are perfect opportunities to practice being present! This way, you can really focus on everything you experience in that moment.

Ask Your Spirit Guides

As your connection with your spirit guides becomes stronger, you can start to ask them questions. Asking a question will make your connection even stronger! It lets them know you know they are there, and you appreciate their guidance. Ask something simple of them, either to yourself or out loud. You can write it down on a piece of paper as well!

It does help to focus on what you want to ask first, whether during meditation or a quiet visualization practice. Speak directly to your spirit guides and angels, and ask them anything. It is important that you put all your faith and trust into the presence of your spirit guides in order to get the signs back.

Connecting with your spirit guides does require work from your side – but it is so worth it. So have a try!