New witchcraft books

Welcome to New Witchcraft and New Witchcraft Books! We’re an independent collective of witches. Our motto is: “Old Ways. New times. Empowering today’s witches.” 
We offer books about various witchcraft and magical topics!

55x5 Manifestation


We offer several journals that will help you with manifesting and the use of the law of attraction.

My Magical Day

Magical Day

Journaling can be truly magical and should be part of every witch’s daily routine. This daily journal will support you in keeping up with your writing.

Gemini Notebook


We created lots of notebooks with witchy covers and even some for Traveler's Notebooks!

Spell Books

Call them spell books, call them grimoires - here you will find some beautiful ones!

Our Blog

Amethyst is what I call an easy stone to get familiar with. It is widely available for good prices, as it is …

I remember clearly when I held the first Larimar in my hands. I can feel the energies of stones in the palm …

When you start working with the Law of Attraction and begin to manifest, you might get to a point where you are …

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