What Is A Witch Garden?

My family and I built a house last year, so this is the first time in my life I actually have a garden. Well, right now it is not really a garden, more a small hill of clay. As the gardeners are booked out for this year, we decided to go for a container garden for the moment and I use the time to think about how I want to create a witch garden.

But What is a Witch Garden Anyway?

To me, my witchy garden will be a space where I can grow plants that are used in spells and potions as well as my own little magical oasis to replenish my energy and connect with nature. Of course, you can also add an altar or hold your rituals in your garden! That always depends on your preferences and if your garden is a safe place without nosy neighbors.

How to Create a Witchy Garden

You don’t need to be a professional gardener to create the perfect oasis in your home. Just follow these simple gardening tips and tricks, and you will be well on your way.

The first thing you need to do is choose the best plants for the space and environment you have. You have to check what kind of soil your garden has and how much light the different areas get. Because it is no use planting a banana tree if you have freezing winters, for example. I am still trying to figure out where to put a small Japanese maple, as I love these trees, but nearly everywhere in my garden it is quite windy and that is something these small trees don’t like (I had one years ago on my balcony).

The next thing you have to do is check how much water your preferred plants need and if you can provide that amount of water and if you can collect rain water, for example.  

Then you should think about what kind of plants you want. Do they all need to serve a magical purpose? Do you need them for cooking or do you want to grow your own fruits and vegetables? Or do you want to provide food for bees and other insects? Our garden will be a mixture of everything. I already have a small bay bush in a pot which I will use in my magic. The peppermint we planted, I will use both for magic as well as for teas. Our cucumbers, sugar peas and potato plants – all in containers this year – will be used for cooking. And the flower bed as well as the flowers at the front of our home are for bees. This way, even our container garden now serves a few purposes!

Another thing you should consider is how much time and energy you can spend on your garden. It is no use creating a gigantic garden, when you are not able to care for it! We plan to have areas in our garden that will more or less tend to themselves and help the wildlife. For example, on our clay hill we have sowed buckwheat as the bees love the flowers and the birds will later pick the seeds!

Magick in the Garden

For me, caring for my garden – even in the containers that we have now – is a magical act itself. I love watering the plants, touching them, connecting with them. I love to see plants grow and thrive and to care for the plants that have problems. I have already used crystals to heal and support them and, yes – I do talk to my plants. Of course, this is not “magic“, but the more I learn about my own craft as a middle-aged witch, the more I realize I am more of an everyday witch. And my garden is one way of following my path!

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