Signs from the Universe: How to Recognize Them

When you start working with the Law of Attraction and begin to manifest, you might get to a point where you are not really sure which direction you are meant to take from here in order to turn your desires into reality. This is the moment where the Universe (or however you might call it) tends to send signs in many forms to you, trying to help you on your path and showing you where you are heading to. The difficulty is recognizing those signs from the Universe. Here are some things you should look out for!

Look Out for Patterns!

Patterns are one of the most common ways the Universe is trying to signal us if we are on the right path. This might be encountering the same symbol over and over again, like a heart, a peace sign or a certain shape. Or you may see numbers like 555 or 11:11 again and again. These patterns are highly individual, and it helps to keep track of them in a notebook!

Pay Attention!

The main reason why people tend to miss the signs from the universe is because they aren’t paying attention. Being mindful, caring for the little things around you is how the signs from the Universe can come to you. When you go outside to walk your dogs, notice any smells or sights you experience. Don’t just watch your dogs, but watch the birds in the sky, notice how tall the grass is, what sounds you might hear, what seems to be out of place or something you have never noticed in that area before.
Not only will you often see signs in these simple things, but it helps to open up your mind and make you a more observational and mindful person in general. This is a really important trait to have when you have to notice signs the universe may be sending you.

Trust Your Intuition

Even when you are not actively listening, your intuition keeps telling you a lot. Do you get a weird feeling from time to time? Or do you suddenly start thinking about a person, and then they just call? Or do you have a song playing in your head before it plays on the radio? That is your intuition going on!

Sometimes, when you meet someone, you have immediate good or bad feelings, or you get this overwhelming feeling of joy before going to an event. This is your intuition talking to you, sending you signals. The more you pay attention to it, the more you can read your own intuition and listen to your gut. This can also be a powerful way the universe sends you important signs.

So listen and observe what is going on around you, and you will start to see the signs the Universe is sending you.

Happy Manifesting!

Signs from the Universe - How to recognize them for manifestation

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