At a gemstone fair

How to survive a gemstone fair

Last weekend I went to a gemstone fair, the first one since 2019. I simply love them and, of course, I spent too much money there. But even looking at all the amazing displays is amazing, and I felt happy and relaxed as well as inspired when I left.

Over the years, I gave myself a few rules on how to survive a gemstone fair and enjoy the experience. My first fair was a disaster as I was simply overwhelmed after a few minutes and felt like my kid in the Lego store, running from one stall to the next going oh and ah!  
So here are my personal rules on how to survive a gemstone fair!

Make a shopping list and stick to a budget.  

Yes, there are wonderful stones there, but which one do I really need for my magical work?  Of course, there are always crystals calling out to me, so I have to make tough decisions whether to get them or not.

Eat before going.  

At least when I am hungry, I can get mighty grumpy or might make wrong decisions when purchasing crystals. That’s why I eat something before a fair and always carry a snack with me, so I don’t run out of energy in the middle of the fair.

Don’t buy one at first sight.  

Yes, I want all the gems and I want them now. But first I discipline myself and have a good look around. Sometimes I find a better offer or even something I want more.

Don’t touch anything.

Yes, they all look beautiful, and seem to be smiling and sparkling at you. But even if you are not as sensitive as I am, it still might mess up your energy. After my first visit to such a fair, I felt like I was on drugs, simply because I had touched all the stones I liked! Now I start touching the stones only after my first look around!

Take a bag with you.  

Normally they offer wrapping paper and plastic bags, but I prefer them to have them in my backpack or a cotton bag.

Take notes or even better pictures of the names of the crystals you bought.

I have to admit I can be really forgetful of names, not only from people, but also from crystals. That’s why I started writing down their names or taking pictures from the name tags at the stall. This way I will remember the name!

From my kid: don’t throw the stones!

He just wanted me to add this. 😉

I hope that you can visit a gemstone fair soon and have some magical experiences there.

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