How to Make Moon Water

How to Make Moon Water

In the lunar cycle, full moons are the most powerful. You feel a surge of energy and emotions, almost feeling the charge in your fingertips. This is why many people like to make what is known as full moon water.

We use this water to charge under the full moon. Although you can definitely use the full moon to make moon water, there is no need to wait till a full moon! Water can actually be charged any time in order to absorb the energy of that lunar phase. Here are some tips for how to make your own moon water.

Choose When You Will Make Your Moon Water

When creating moon water you first have to decide what moon you intend to make your moon water with. This is important for a few reasons: First, it helps you determine when you should put it outside. If you want to do this under a new moon, you need to wait until the night of the new moon, or the day before or after the new moon. 

Secondly, each phase of the lunar cycle comes with its own very special energies. You are going to set intentions for the moon water, so it helps to know what energies to focus on as you do this.

Fill a Container with Water

You’ll need a container to put the water in once you’ve decided when you’ll set it out beneath the moon. Although it is entirely up to you, many people like to use a clear container or bottle. When setting your intentions, choose a bottle that speaks to you intuitively.

After that, you’ll fill the container with water. If you’re going to consume moon water, make sure it’s filtered or otherwise safe to drink. Some individuals prefer to use fresh rainfall or water from a nearby spring or waterfall when it won’t be ingested, but that is entirely up to you.

Because it will most likely sit in the bottle for some time, it is safer to use a glass bottle or container rather than a plastic one.

Place it Outside Under the Moon

Wait until the moon shines brightly in the evening, then set your bottle of water out in the moonlight. You want to do this outside on a patio or balcony, where you can get as much direct moonlight as possible. Consider your goals for the bottle when you place it under the moonlight at this point. Keep it out of the reach of animals that might knock it over and cause harm.

Repeat Your Intention or Affirmation

Finally, make wishes for the moon water. You should do this while placing the water outside in direct moonlight. Consider your plans for this moon water, such as what you’ll do with it. Perhaps you’re using it to cleanse crystals, or you’re using it to charge it for manifestation under the new moon. Consider your intentions, envision them, and then visualize holding the bottle of water. This aids in instilling those intentions in the moon water.

The moon water can then be retrieved the next day and saved for later use.

How to Make Moon Water

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