No,,thank you, spammy tarot readers

No, thank you.

If you are reading this, it is most likely you sent an unsolicited private message on Instagram, offering me a reading. That is why I send you this link to explain to you, why I decline your offer. 

Let me tell you a few things.

First, “New Witchcraft Books” is a business account. So, if you are „drawn“ to us, that means we do a good in Social media marketing, and you should buy our books! Don’t get me wrong: we are not on Instagram solely for selling books. We love Instagram, as we can meet and connect with other witches and get to know them, learn from each other as well as share about our work and our lives. Instagram can be a lovely place if you let it! 

Second, you are by no means the first one and in no way original in stating that your ancestors/spirits/angels/orwhoknowswhat have a message for us or that you were drawn to us by our name. In fact, last week we had 12 private messages like that. It gets really annoyingly and even more boring!

Third, it is in no way professional or trustworthy to offer readings like this. And particularly Tarot readings for money can be problematic. If you haven’t followed the whole discussion about Tarot and the Romani heritage, I recommend reading this article.

If you want us to book a reading with you, show us the cards and wow us with your interpretations on your Instagram feed. Yes, this is work, but what do you expect? Instant richness?

Last, sending an unsolicited advertisement – because that’s exactly what it is – as the first thing you do after we followed you back is again not trustworthy and extremely irritating. Sometimes we may send you a link to this blog post or a link to our book for Tarot readers. Then we will unfollow and, most likely, even block you. And be grateful that we won’t have our ancestors have a word in this as they can be very direct and sometimes even rude! 

So no, thank you for your offer!

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