My Magical Day

Journaling can be truly magical and should be part of every witch’s daily routine. This daily journal will support you in keeping up with your writing. I created it especially for witches (and all other magickal folk of course!) and included the most important aspects both of journaling and witch crafting. This book is available both on paperback and hard cover as well as an insert for a Traveler’s Notebook!

How this Book Started

This book came to life because I had a child, been on a magical path and lost my way. After I gave birth to my wonderful child, I was too immersed in caring for such a delicate creature while I was (and still am) struggling with my own health-related problems. Somewhere between changing diapers and breaking down exhausted I lost my magical abilities – or so I thought. My crystals collected dust, my Tarot cards stayed in their boxes somewhere hidden in my bookcase. After two years I grew more and more frustrated. First I wasn’t really able to point out where the root of that frustration was. I thought it maybe was just the usual overwhelm of everything – sad as it is to call it „usual“, as we women shouldn’t be overwhelmed, but instead be able to lead a happy and balanced life. 

But one day when I finally took the time to dust my crystals I recognized that I had forsaken my witchy side for the day to day hustle. This sounds more romantic as it was: I actually broke down on the floor crying, holding onto one of my favorite Moonstone crystals, which felt like hugging me, opening the floodgates of my tears and giving me clarity at the same time. Moonstone does that to me! 

When my tears finally subsided I knew I had to get back my witchyness. But I hadn’t got a clue how I could do that! When I was a single I had all the time – and space – in the world to do rituals, to create potions and to paint magical paintings. But now of course I didn’t want to risk a two year old getting his cute little hands on Tarot cards and munching on them, or swallowing little crystals or tiny jar bottles!

I tried creating a safe little altar space for me in my closet, but that felt completely wrong to me. At least I was able to paint mandalas – with and without added magic. But it wasn’t enough for me. I also re-started my journaling journey around the time, mainly with a bullet journal for organizing and a gratitude journal, which always has had a very grounding effect on me. Without really noticing it at first I added magical bits and pieces to my journals. I wrote down the moon phases and which crystals I wore that day. I started to get into the law of attraction, and soon I added my intention and affirmation to my bullet journal.

This went on for a few years. I changed layouts, rearranged how I would write down everything – only to finally give up trying to put everything in my bullet journal, as it became much too stuffed. That’s when I started my own magical journal. First simply in a dotted notebook, later in printouts I created. When I was struggling to get the ring binding right for my magical journal (which involved a lot of swearing) it was actually my hubby who pointed out that I maybe should create a real journal! I had been publishing witchy and other books for quite some time on the Kindle Publishing platform by Amazon. But somehow it never occurred to me that I should publish this journal, as it was such a personal, almost intimate thing for me. So I thought it through and this is how „My Magical Day“ came to life.  

In “My Magical Day” you can write down each day:

  • Date
  • Moon Phase
  • Moon in (zodiac sign)
  • Today’s intention
  • Today’s affirmation
  • Today’s Tarot or oracle card
  • Today’s gemstone etc.
  • 3 things I am grateful for today (not in the Traveler’s Notebook version)
  • A space for reflection, notes and synchronicities

This book will help you keep a daily journal without much effort or the need to keep different journals. I hope you will enjoy working with this journal and that it will support you in your magick!

Now available here on Amazon! And here you can find the Traveler’s Notebook version! (Affiliate Links)