Not So Well-Known Essential Oils to Add to Your Magickal Collection

Not So Well-Known Essential Oils to Add to Your Magickal Collection

I have been using essential oils as an effective way to relax, reduce anxiety, and get help with chronic pain and, of course, I use them in my Magick. But you may have noticed that many recommend the same lists of essential oils to use. You see a lot of lavender, bergamot, lemon, rosemary, cedar, and peppermint recommended, but there are so many other oils that are just as amazing. So here are some of the less common and more underrated essential oils that you can add to your collection. Please note to always use essential oils safely and not directly on your skin. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice (to get the legal stuff out of the way, I entirely trust you, that you know what you are doing!).


This is likely an essential oil you may have never heard of, but it is definitely worth looking into. It is a bit more expensive than the usual essential oil, so you shouldn’t buy it if you have just started to experiment with the oils. However, if you have been using essential oils in your practice for a while, you may want to consider it.  

Helichrysum comes from the helichrysum plant, and smells heavenly like honey. It is an oil with many 

healing properties, especially for skin related issues and is wonderful for your skincare routine. Mentally, it can also help with grief and fear, thanks to the sweet and calming scent. 

Helichrysum is also known as the ‘spiritual warrior’, because it gives strength of spirit and peace of mind, so it can be a great helper in magickal uses!


You may have heard of Goldenrod before, especially if you have a garden, but the flower is not as commonly used in blends. Goldenrod essential oil comes from a flowery herb and is excellent both for relaxing and for your natural beauty routine. 

The scent is of florals and grass, but a bit stronger and pungent than other floral essential oils. It is often used to help relax the body if you have chronic pain or just sore muscles. It can also provide healing to the bottom of your feet, and is amazing for homemade skin products. Try combining it with clary sage in your blends.

Goldenrod is said to bring good luck and has a very feminine power to it, so use it for these kinds of spells!


Birch essential oil is perfect for you, if you are looking for an oil with more of a woodsy and natural scent, but not an overpowering one like i.e. pine tree oil. Birch has a very mild and sweet scent, which is a bit minty. It can be used very well on its own or within a blend. 

Many of the properties of birch oil are similar to other mint varieties, like peppermint and wintergreen, including reducing anxiety, relaxation, easing digestive issues, and helping with skin conditions.

Birch is associated in magick with protection as well as inception, fertility, and sometimes with purification.


Vetiver is not especially rare or unknown as an essential oil, but it tends to be quite underrated. But Vetiver can support you in getting better sleep, balancing your emotions and moods, and help with chronic pain.  

Vetiver has a more earthy smell, though it has a little sweet hint and a bit of floral as well. Because this is a slightly thicker oil, you will need to combine it with water in order to use a diffuser. But most people choose to instead create blends with carrier oils and apply it to the skin – please don’t use it directly on your skin as it may cause severe reactions!

This essential oil is recommended for grounding, hex breaking and as an aphrodisiac in magickal working. 

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