Our social media appearances

Our social – media – appearances

Data processing by social networks

We maintain publicly accessible profiles on social networks. The social networks we use in our individual can be found below.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. can usually comprehensively analyse your user behaviour when you use their website or a website with integrated social media content (e.g. such as Like buttons or advertising banners). By visiting our social media presences, numerous data protection-relevant processing processes are triggered. In detail:

If you are logged into your social media account and visit our social media presence, the social media portal operator can assign this visit to your user account. However, your personal data may also be collected if you are not logged in or do not have an account with the respective social media portal. In this case, this data collection is done, for example, by means of cookies stored on your device or by recording your IP address.

With the help of the data collected in this way, the operators of the social media portals can create user profiles in which your preferences and interests are stored. This allows you to see interest-based advertising inside and outside your social media presence. If you have an account with the social network, interest-based advertising can be displayed on any devices you are logged in to or were logged in.

Please also note that we cannot track all processing processes on the social media portals. Depending on the provider, therefore, may be able to do so. Further processing is carried out by the operators of the social media portals. Details can be found on the terms of use and data protection regulations of the respective social media portals.

Legal basis

Our social media appearances are designed to ensure the widest possible presence on the Internet. This is a legitimate interest in the sense of nature. 6 Abs. 1 lit. F DSGVO. The analysis processes initiated by social networks may be based. on different legal bases to be indicated by the operators of the social networks (e.g. B. Consent within the meaning of Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. A DSGVO).

Responsible and asserting rights

If you like one of our social media appearances (e.g. Facebook), we are jointly responsible for the data processing operations triggered during this visit together with the operator of the social media platform. You can both wish your rights (information, correction, deletion, restriction of processing, data portability and complaint). Us as well as ggü. the operator of the respective social media portal (e.g. B. ggü. Facebook).

Please note that despite shared responsibility with social media portal operators, we do not fully influence the data processing operations of the social media portals. Our possibilities are largely based on the company policy of the respective provider.

Storage time

The data we collect directly from the social media presence will be deleted from our systems as soon as the purpose for storing them is omitted, you ask us to delete it, revoke your consent to storage, or the purpose of storing it Eliminates. Stored cookies will remain on your device until you delete them. Mandatory legal provisions – in particular. Storage periods – remain unaffected.

We have no control over the storage time of your data, which is stored by the operators of the social networks for our own purposes. For details, please contact the social network operators directly (e.g. b. in their privacy policy, see below).

Social networks in detail


We have a profile on Instagram. The provider is Instagram Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA. For details on how you handle your personal data, please refer to Instagram’s privacy policy: https://help.instagram.com/519522125107875.


We have a profile on Pinterest. It is operated by Pinterest Inc., 808 Brannan Street San Francisco, CA 94103-490, USA (“Pinterest”). For details on how you handle your personal data, please refer to Pinterest’s privacy policy: https://policy.pinterest.com/de/privacy-policy.


We have a profile on YouTube. The provider is Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. For details on how your personal data is handled, please refer to YouTube’s privacy policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=de.