About Julia

Julia StüberWho am I?
Julia Stüber, poet, artist, writer and bookpreneur – I love books in all forms and publish so-called books with little content, such as colouring books, diaries, diaries, puzzle games and so on, in addition to my poetry books. I’m addicted to creating books that give value to readers.
Oh, and if you ask my child who I am, he will answer: a loving, funny mother who is slowly embarrassing him!

Why I write:
Honestly, I can’t help it! Since I could write, words have come to me. Writing for me is like breathing.

What are my poems about?
My poems are often about feelings such as love and fear. But I also write about the moon, day and night, nature, health, mindfulness and writing itself. Sometimes it’s just a short sentence that starts with the creation of a poem.
And sometimes I just don’t know.

Why am I writing in English?
Since I became a Marillion fan in the late 1980s, I have been fascinated by the English language. I lived in London for a year in the 90s and still have friends in England.

What is my formal education?
After the year in London, I studied German language and literature as well as computer linguistics in Bonn – which basically means learning programming for non-programmers. All in all, it was more a study of the new media than anything else. I even wrote a program for my master’s thesis on early medieval poetry. Apart from that, I have no formal training in poetry and writing.

When did I start writing?
Since I can start writing. My first poems were horrible, rhymed and full of clichés. But I have grown and have given away a calendar of poems for family and friends every year since 1988.

How I write
Unfortunately, I have little time to write, so I write wherever and whenever I can. I used to have big diaries for my poems, but today I write the first draft in a notes app on my phone. What is important to me is to write every day, so I appreciate the moments I have for it.

My art

I also create art, from mandalas to mixed media and I even make my own books and journals and paint on furniture!