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Signs Your Manifestations are Coming True 

Learning about manifesting is like suddenly the entire universe opening up to you! The universe has your back and nothing you dream of is off limits! Now you can allow yourself to imagine anything you desire and work on manifesting exactly this into your life. But how do you know your manifestations are actually working? Most of the time, you don’t know until they have finally manifested, but sometimes you will notice little signs if you pay close attention.

The Signs are Everywhere

By signs, I mean symbols or weird things happening around you. Maybe you are trying to manifest a certain type of car, and now all of a sudden you are seeing it everywhere. This isn’t a coincidence or you just paying more attention. It is more like you are matching the vibrations of the universe to bring this car to you. It is absolutely possible that this is a sign of what’s coming.

Number Synchronicities

Spirits, angels or however you like to call them, send different types of signs that aren’t always obvious. As they can’t communicate with words, they try to tell you things through synchronicities. A common one is with certain number patterns. 11:11 is considered to be lucky, but did you know other number sequences could also be signs of something happening?

When it comes to manifestations, pay close attention to the numbers you see. If you keep seeing 222 enough to where you notice it, this could be a sign that your manifestation is coming, so it’s okay to just relax and stop stressing about it.

Your Dreams are Changing

Have you noticed that your dreams are changing recently? Perhaps, while you used to have very odd dreams that were almost impossible for you to analyze, you suddenly have straightforward signs and premonitions in your dreams. Do you actually dream of what the change could be instead of having symbolic dreams?

You might also notice repeated themes in your dreams, such as all your dreams being in the same place, having the same energy, or even the same people or symbols. Do you see a cat in every single one of your dreams, even though they are different cats and different situations? This might mean something to you.

You Feel an Energy Shift

Sometimes, you can’t really pinpoint what has changed in your life or the universe, but you just feel it. You might be tapping into your own intuition and can feel how the surrounding energy is changing. This can also be heavily influenced by the moon, depending on what moon phase you are currently in.

Many people can actually feel energy changing when a manifestation is on the way. You might feel lighter, free of stress, or like something big is coming even if you don’t know what it is or how it is coming to you. Listen to these intuitions! Your spirit guides might be telling you something.

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Crystals for Manifesting Money and Abundance

Crystals have been used for centuries as a way of tapping into the power of the Universe to manifest positive energy and bring about desired change. By simply holding a crystal in your hand, placing one on an altar, or wearing one as jewelry, you can align your energy with the most powerful force in existence: universal love. Here are three crystals that will help you to manifest money and abundance. 

Green Aventurine

If you want to manifest money and abundance, you can connect the energy of that goal with the energy of a crystal by using green aventurine. This is a crystal of opportunity, helping you to align your dreams of abundance with actions that will get you there.


Citrine is often used for wealth and can be used to attract more money into your life. Not only will it help you find creative ideas for business ventures and other ways to make money, but it can offer more clarity when it comes to switching careers.


Pyrite can also be used for manifesting abundance and wealth. The natural energy of pyrite is about attracting more motivation into your life, which can then help you with abundance and success.

Crystals for Manifesting Abundance
3 Crystals for Manifesting Money and Abundance
Manifesting with Crystals

How and Why to Set Your Intentions for Manifesting

Setting intentions helps you to express not only what you desire, but also what you aim to accomplish. By stating what you’re attempting to attract and how you want things to go, you’re effectively asking the universe for what you desire – that is how the law of attraction works! It’s the same to making any other goals in your life, but you’ll want to put them down as if they’ve already happened.

Why set intentions at all?

Let’s start by thinking about why setting intentions is so crucial in magical work  and when it comes to manifesting your dreams. When you set intentions, you’re not just thinking about what you want; you’re specifically asking the universe for something you really want. The intention takes things to the next level, where you’ve made a decision, asked the universe for help, and are ready to start manifesting. When done right, intentions can be extremely powerful.

Choose Different Types of Intentions

Remember that there are various ways to set intentions, as well as various times to do so. You might have daily, weekly, or monthly intentions, or even longer-term goals, such as yearly goals. Begin by setting small daily goals. Consider what you need to accomplish today, not the pointless things, but the tasks that will help you achieve your goals. Write out your goals, imagine yourself achieving them, and then go about your business.

You may use this technique whenever you have fresh intentions, whether they be for the week, the month, what you want to manifest this year, or practically anything else you can think of.

Think About What You’re Manifesting

When you’re first starting to write down your goals, use the scripting method – that is, write them down in the present tense,  s though it had already happened!  When you’re writing things down, attempt to imagine what you’re trying to achieve.

To begin, focus on the thing you wish to manifest. It can be described in a single word or phrase. Then close your eyes and imagine yourself with that item. Money, fortune, position, and celebrity, a home or automobile, a romance, a large group of friends, or traveling to a dream destination are all possibilities.

Open your eyes and set your intentions while thinking about it. Write out your dream in as much detail as you can in a notebook, with as much feeling and emotion as you can generate.

Be Specific

Intentions are brief, but they are quite specific. Don’t make broad statements; instead, state your aims clearly. This can be in the form of a list, scripts, or affirmations that you repeat to yourself on a daily basis.

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