Pain Diaries

This insert will help you track your pain for 60 days. The next time you have an appointment you can bring this book with you and show your doctor what happened when, what possible triggers are, what relief measures you took and so on.

The book is divided into two parts. It starts with empty trackers, which you can use for your mood, the pain level, and much more. The second part is the diary itself. There are two pages for each day. On the left side you can fill in the following fields – of course, you do not have to fill in all fields every day, but only those that concern you:

  • Date / Day
  • Time Start
  • Time End
  • Duration
  • Severity of Pain
  • Location
  • Pain Type Checklist
  • Symptoms

On this side, you can draw in the location of the pain in your body in two outlines – for the front and the back.

On the right side you have extra space for the following fields:

  • Triggers (including weather and temperature)
  • Relief Measures / Outcomes
  • Notes

We from The Traveling Pixie hope this book will help you to document your symptoms and help you at your next visit to the doctor to be taken seriously!