Our Team

Our Team

New Witchcraft Books, Mindful Pages and The Traveling Pixie were founded by Julia Stüber, German and online specialist, to bring together various book projects. As a child, she always dreamed of going into a bookstore, pointing to a book and being able to say, “I wrote that.” Times have changed, the bookstore no longer exists, but the dream remains.

When she started her first blog about lactose-free living after her diagnosis, the idea of ​​a book was quickly born. Initially only planned as a Kindle e-book, she then also implemented it as a print book. Holding her own book in her hands was a key experience for her.

At the same time she began to rediscover her own creativity through coloring books. So the step to create her own coloring book was not far! In the meantime, she has published over 60 coloring books and books on brushlettering under the name “Colors of Abundance”.

During her training as a nutritionist / food coach in 2017, she developed food diaries especially for allergies and intolerances. Unfortunately, for family reasons, she cannot work as a nutritionist, which is why she has been concentrating on “low content books” since 2018.

Together with Wyn Amaris, an art witch, and Juliane Green, a children’s book author, she is now developing books in a wide variety of areas, often initiated by ideas from family or friends, such as the Sudoku and puzzle books that a friend of her wanted .