Learn Handwriting

The “Learn Handwriting” series was inspiried by the lovely Sarra Cannon who mentioned in one of her notebook challenges on YouTube that she would love to improve her handwriting and learn new fonts but that it is simply to time consuming to print out the fonts and glue them in an insert of a Traveler’s notebook. As I have already published a few books about brush lettering I thought it would be a good idea to create a few books in the TN format.

So here there are, four books for a Traveler’s journal to learn beautiful handwriting! Book 1 and 2 include two different fonts with cursive and block letters. Book 3 has two fonts in brush lettering style both in cursive and block letters

For each of the two fonts you will find on two pages:

  • All upper and lower case letters
  • Special Characters
  • The digits 0-10
  • Four pages with exercise words that are useful for planners and journaling (e.g. weekdays and month names)

Book 4 is a “Handwriting Workbook” with 50 pages with the typical 3 lines – two solid lines and one dashed line in between and suitable for brush lettering pens with a small tip!