Ink Journals

We are very fond of inks, and each of us has her own small inkwell collection. To not lose track, we have created these books in which you can enter and try out up to 50 different inks. The sides are printed only on the right side; the left side is dotted so that even bleeding cannot cause much damage. The books are available in a 6×9 in size as well as inserts for Traveler’s Notebooks.

On each page you can write down the following:

  • Name of the ink
  • Date
  • Brand and Trader
  • Fountain Pen as well as nib size and form
  • Two fields to try out the ink in various ways, e.g., with cotton swabs, hatching, etc.
  • Scales for Saturation, Ink Flow, Water Resistance, Bleeding, and Feathering
  • Test area for the drying time of 5 – 30 seconds
  • The lower third of the page is lined and offers space for further writing samples and notes

Inserts for Traveler’s Notebooks
(or just a smaller sized notebook)

6×9 Ink Journals